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Company background

Building the future

All of us, working at Glon, are committed to anticipating the complex changes in the field of agri-food production in order to meet the changing expectations of consumers.

évolutions de nos métiers

Jun 23, 2011 02:18 PM
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Key dates
1939 : Family owned flour milling company in Hémonstoir (22)
1947 : The beginning of animal feed production
1961 : The 1st Glon manufacturing plant opens in Pontivy (56)
1965 : Beginning of Glon's partnership with the Sanders group
1979 : Acquisition of the Abéra (35) pig slaughter plant in partnership with Sanders
1988 : The Glon head office is built in Saint-Gérand (56)
1990 : Glon launches its egg division after acquiring Le Cam (56)
1992 : Glon launches France Gènes, pig genetics (56)
1995 : Glon launches its poultry division after acquiring Boscher Volailles (22)
1998 : Glon takes over Louis Sanders
2001 : Glon acquires two new production plants for its poultry division: the Keranna poultry slaughter plant (56) and the Farmor egg products manufacturing plant (22)
2007 : Sofiprotéol takes over 60 % of Glon's capital
2008 : Glon opens an animal health branch in the United States (Texas and Florida)
2010 : Acquisition of the Porcgros production plant (94) and the egg products manufacturing plant France Ponte Inovo (91-28)
2011 : acquisition of the Sopral company (35) specialized in horse nutrition and pet-food