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Investing in the future

An entrepreneurial future



In a difficult economic context combining a globalized market and an increased volatility of agricultural commodity prices, it is crucial to build up a strong economic network and invest in promising new markets to ensure the future of agriculture and secure a fair income for farmers.



Glon plans its future as a responsible company committed to ethical values, producing the best quality food for human consumption, taking care of its collaborators and partners and seeing to the economic health of its businesses, with four major concerns in mind
  • corporate citizenship: developing economic activities for the benefit of individuals
  • strategic planning: guaranteeing the long-term future of the group and maintaining France at the forefront of the global agri-food industry
  • economic results: creating value and improving performance within its field of activities and agriculture in general
  • environmental awareness: controlling the use of natural resources for producing healthy food

Glon believes and invests in the future. Tomorrow, new markets will be opening up, markets concerned with economic issues, consumer health and preserving the environment. These considerations must be envisaged as a lever for development by players in the field of animal and human nutrition.

Strong corporate values

  • Entrepreneurial spirit
As a natural entrepreneur, Glon promotes independence, initiative and responsibility centred around a common objective: innovating for the benefit of customers.
  • A strong local presence
Committed to promoting regional economic and social development where the company is present, Glon has set up strong local partnerships in order to adapt its offer to local demand.
  • Human adventure
Glon works with its collaborators, customers, suppliers and partners to achieve a common objective: anticipating consumer expectations and guaranteeing the long term future of its activities, which have built the company into what it is today.
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Eric PHILIPPE - Managing Director

«Our challenge: producing sustainable goods in an unstable economy.»


What is the major challenge Glon has to face ?

«As an agri-food company, Glon is involved in agriculture, health and nutrition. This means we have important responsibilities towards farmers and consumers… all the more so because of the rapidly changing face of the agri-food business. We must continually anticipate and adapt to changes in order to produce sustainable goods in an unstable economy.»


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